About Eternal Sonship Academy

Welcome to Eternal Sonship Academy! We are an online university and our goal is to facilitate your growth through teaching of the truth of Christ. Our mission is to train and equip the Sons of God with respect to their Heavenly Indigenous Identity.  Training and equipping God’s Sons in the USE of the Father’s mighty spiritual weapons with respect to their heavenly indigenous destiny on Earth. Thus linking heaven’s indigenous identity in them and Earth’s indigenous identity through them.

The purpose of the global vision of the Father through Eternal Sonship Academy is to expand the viewpoint of the people of God, to align with the heavenly view of the eternal truth, in and from the supernatural, global body of Jesus! It is the heavenly Father’s purpose to lift and invite His people into this body to be participators with all His works and wonders, that He makes manifest in and through this body in the Earth. It is the Heavenly Father’s purpose, through the power of His grace for His people to “Reign as Kings and Priests in Life” in the Anointed One. Grace alone makes this happen!